Junior's playground is up!

(SeaCigar) #1

:stuck_out_tongue: This was a fun little project of mine that I did.

Has anyone played super mario sunshine? do you remember the secret level, known as junior’s playground? I managed to duplicate it ALMOST perfectly in blender.

If anyone is interested in seeing it, leave a mail address and I will mail it to you. Sorry, but I don’t keep a website open where you can download these things… I hope to remedy that in the future.

Also, you will notice it is sorely lacking any textures. would anyone know of a good site with mario-like textures? I could then see my way to coloring it up for you all.

I guess you could call this a practice of digital plagerism. I loved the secret levels in SMS, so I decided to include at least one in my upcoming senior project/ platform game. all thats left to do, is texture it, merge it with my game program, and get jumping.

(wes1) #2

Why don’t post it on BlenderGames.com :-?
send the game to [email protected]


(SeaCigar) #3

Well… I could do that… only thing is, I want the level and game to be fully complete before I send it over there. In the meantime, I’m just tweaking the file and whatnot for its future release.

I’m thinking, that if you can play through the level with MY character, you’ll have it made in the real game, because mine will have only the most basic run and jump manuvers available in the original game. In any case, at least I’m using a tried and true method.

Call it “Mario Lite” for those without the cash to get sunshine and a cube :wink:

(jeotero) #4

:o up where ?

(joecool) #5

[email protected]
e-mail it to me :slight_smile:
When I get it, I’ll post it on my site so people can get it quicker.

(SeaCigar) #6
  1. ok joe, its on it’s way.

Now, for a little bit of a problem.

As you may know, when using the camera script, the camera always stays at a set height, and so, if you climb or fall, your game can get screwed up, really fast.

I managed to build my robot character around Lizard’s camera script. unfortunately, I need saluk’s camera script attatched. I have tried appending the script to the game’s camera, but it doesn’t seem to be responding. I assume there are some values that I haven’t specified. Saluk’s script works fine, if you leave it alone, but as soon as I change it to watch my robot, instead of his default character, problems arise.

I will send the level, and the robot script, seperately, along with a copy of saluk’s camera script. If you can tell me what I am missing, I would be very greatful.

In case you are wondering, there is a part of the level which rises above the rest, so I need altitude control.

Other options are welcome too, of course.

(wiensta) #7

me too please

[email protected]


(SeaCigar) #8

:-? oog… okay, I need to make this perfectly clear, since it takes way too long to send this file, only to have it sent back.

make sure you have room for the files in your mailbox.

juniors playground is 622Kb, zipped.

robot 1 (the core character program) is 491Kb, zipped.

and saluk’s dinky camera script (jk, saluk :stuck_out_tongue: ) is about 16 Kb, zipped.

I will try again tomarrow to send the files to everyone.

I’m not mad at anyone, of course; just a little annoyed at all the technical difficulties :wink: