Junk parts 3d laser scanner

These are just a few tests I did with a laser scanner I made without spending any money(except the camera, but I already had that). Its made from junk and plumbing parts I had lying around. Mostly used it just to scan fossils.

Test 1 was of a 3 toed mammal track cast/positive that didn’t go so well. Lots of noise and wash-boarding:(.

Test 2 went a little better. Its a 5 toed track.


If that’s the kind of stuff you can do with the junk that’s laying around at your place, I’m comin’ over :smiley:

Can you share any more details about the rig/software?

Test 3 went even better:). Its a leaf. About half a millimeter resolution(sounds good but isn’t when scanning small objects).

Test 4 was without calibration corner(rest of the stuff it picked up in the garage was trimmed out). Resolution isn’t very good and the things that were beyond the calibration corners were very skewed:(.

@jay, broken laser line+clock guts+servo+pipes+switches+wires+duck tape(of course)+batteries+camera+piece of glass and wood taped together for calibration corner+lots and lots of super glue+a few screws(some loose)+lots of solder(mmm lead fumes:spin:)=laser scanner

All scavenged, with the exception of the camera.