Junkie Bird (Live Action + CGI)

Breakdown + longer scenes:

Animation, Modelling, Camera tracking, Composite: Kovács Kálmán
Software: Blender 2.62
Render: Blender Internal

No HDRI map unfortunately, manual lighting setup.

Well done! Good integration of the cartoony character!

Very good!

Love the comp. You really got the plates connected, AO, shadows, that’s the most important in compositing CGI into a live plate. As long as you get that and match the lighting, then your character can be as cartoony as Roger Rabbit without looking out of place. Very good job.

A note though. In your animation, you actually have stops in movement - you should work on softening the ease in/outs in your movement, but that’s a minor complaint in this… :slight_smile:

Makes me miss that old hookah.