Junkyard Space Commando Heman

Junkyard Space Commando Heman


This game was inspired by Super Contra and Duke Nukem. I wanted to create a crude humored cartoon sidescroller that would be entertaining from start to finnish. I decided to try and have fun making the game as well so I kept it simple and tried to make it humorous for myself as well as others. I would like to warn you before hand that there is crude humor and the games mechanics aren’t as polished as I would have liked.

Im posting this game because it doesn’t work in 2.46 and to make it run I would have to reprogram the entire game from scratch. Before I decide to devote a large amount of my time to this project, I would like to see how well it’s received.


Heman features 4 weapons, but the character can only hold his rifle and one super weapon at a time. If the player manages to kill 10 enemys in a row without dieing he is granted the ability to use his “I have the power” ability. He brings his sword off his back and it is hit by lighting. He then procedes to wing it around like mad killing anything he touches.

The Player has the ability to climb walls to get over high obsticles and the ability to jump to get over low ones.


Heman features a single level with a working boss. After the boss is completed heman steps through 2 bars to start the score counter scene, which tallies the score the player earned before allowing the player to choose if they want to play again or quit the game.


The most rude part in the game occurs when the player dies. His arms are blown off (for giltchy reasons) and he proceeds to loose control of his bowels. I personally think this is too inapropriate, but I needed to include potty humor somewhere.


You can download the blend here:
Or the exe here:
Remember the .blend will crash in 2.46 so if you want to play it please download the zipped version of 2.45.

a & d - movement
w - jump
e - pick up bubble (weapons, lives, hp)
mouse up/down - aim up and down)
mouse left right - switch which direction heman is looking
left click - shoot
right click - secondary fire
scroll - switch weapons
p - pause

Pretty neat, it gets a little crazy at times, but still cool. Not much to improve on.

A little off topic: How do you make 2D type games with Blender? just an overview will do.

just download the .blend and take a look. The script called snap is what keeps every moving object on the x axis.

I love the artwork! Reminds me of the scene in Beavis and Butthead do America where they eat the peyote and start hallucinating.

If you’ve never seen the movie here’s a clip: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=IJI7GziR4qI

The death animation is awesome too, anyone who likes the humor in ATHF will love this game. Thanks for sharing this with us, its a nice break from all the racing, fps, and rpg games.

Hope to see more soon! = )

Very original, nice work :slight_smile:
reminds me of Rob Zombies personal artwork.

Couldn’t seem to find a script called snap, but its fine. Very good work!

I love the artwork! Reminds me of the scene in Beavis and Butthead do America where they eat the peyote and start hallucinating.

I’ve never seen the movie, but I see what you mean from the u-tube video.

reminds me of Rob Zombies personal artwork.

I’ve never looked up rob zombies artwork, but I’ll take it as a compliment.

Couldn’t seem to find a script called snap, but its fine.

Sorry my fault. I changed the script’s name to AI when I changed it to control the enemy reactions as well as stop their movement.

With the new version of blender I can restart the game’s programming and fix most of the physics glitches. I’m also planning on creating a better mouse script so the game is a lot more fun to play. I would like to reprogram the enemies as well, so they ignore you after you die and are easier to push around.