Jupiter 6 radial engine

recently been working on a quick one week project for a jupiter radial engine, the reference images were taken from its manual and some photos, any comments appreciated! Sorry the link to dropbox has gone but I have now decided to put it up for sale for $15, the low poly areas have been fixed and the pipes now have thickness, so if you can please head over to the link below and have a look!


A back view:

and a close up of the top of the cylinder:

Thanks for any comments!


Very nice modeling and materials, in some areas it looks a little low polly though. You might want to try slapping on a subsurf modifier.

I could, but my computer already judders at the thought of it… :slight_smile:

it looks awsome :slight_smile:

the closeups do look a little low poly, but a subsurf at factor 1 should be ample.
also, in the closeup, the exhaust pipes could do with a bit of depth - they look like paper tubes.

but other than that, i canot critique it.

the problem is, I have no idea on how to use the edgesplit and subsurf modifier together, so the edges are still crisp, yet the top is smoothed, any ideas?

ahh, for this I either increase the angle of the edgesplit to ~85 so only the 90 degree + angles are split.
another, but more labourous way would be to maually mark all the edges you wanted splitting as “sharp” and disabling the angle decider.

also, and it may seem obvious, but make sure you add the subsurf modifier after the edgesplit modifier.

Thanks for the help, will try it out soon, got a small problem so any rendering will have to be done on sunday…

fantastic looking model, hat off to you! are the exhausts 0 thickness? looks like they are only 1 poly thick.

First Impression : CLuuuuuuuuuuuunk (Jaw hitting floor)

Although the others are saying subsurf, I am saying “Do those bits manually” Why? Because there is very few areas that need more polys, and those areas should be incredibly easy to work out. Just my 2 cents but I really don’t thin that using a subsurf is neccessary.

It looks really REALLY good, well done.
Some thigns you missed though, shouldn’t there be Grease nipples (and yes that is the REAL name) around the centre structure? Usually in engines like this there would be 2 per cylinder, one for the seals and the other for movement. But I may be wrong with this particular model. Again, well done.

Are you a friend of Brecht and already testing Cycles I see… :stuck_out_tongue: Is Octane, YafRay?
Very well done.
I also think you better add some loops instead using subsurf sometimes.

hi the squidifier, very nice modelling.
You have many double vertices and meshes, i delete more than 30000 doubles and on the tube are many meshes over another. That declared maybe the lagging on you system. But cool engine and i could not resist to render it with octane.
Pathtracing 20 minutes.
Cheers mib


awesome model, love the detail

Awesome, man.
I really like the metal’s shader.

Sorry I forgot to mention it was rendered in octane! Methinks I can see a new plane project coming on … :slight_smile:

nice use of array :slight_smile: also I like the crazy tubes :smiley:

Looks great! I don’t think it looks low poly in the renders.

I agree with chrisskinner. I’ve looked at this a few times now and I simply can’t see a place that needs additional polygons. Very nice detailed model


Wow, ace modeling!

The only place I see that look “low poly” is the end exhaust pipes, but overall is great model and render!!!