Hi! This is a picture of Jupiter and two moons that I made for a school project. Criticizim is welcome, but please go easy on me because this is my first picture ever (and I’m just a kid :wink:
Thank you!


Is it just me, or is there no picture or link in the post?

sry… it wont let me upload…

use this to put your pictures up on elysiun. https://blenderartists.org/forum/faq.php#24

try using a site such as www.imageshack.org

----Good picture, but a bit dark in my opinion. I had to turn off the desktop lamp to watch it, otherwise nothing could be seen. Try to render it again casting a little more light on the planet and its moons. As for the rest of things I found it very nice.


yeah got to agree with that. add some more lighting of the sun.

well age doesn’t matter eh? Well keep up the nice work it looks cool.

I love the idea of texturing the gas clouds on the planet… perhaps it would look more realistic though if you created another layered materiel and just made it transparent with the specularity, and hardness turned way down so that it has a more consistent lighting from the surface…

But nice! :smiley: