Jurassic Park shot

I recreated shot from my favorite Jurassic Park scene. This is a movie that got me interested in vfx and 3D animations 25 years ago. Made with blender.

miniatura kwadrat

Whole process, (10h of work):


Really amazing! Congrats!

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This BLEW MY MIND, looks like the actual shot from the movie. You absolutely outdid anything else I’ve ever seen, especially since I’m a fan of Jurassic Park! It’s SO amazingly done, GREAT WORK!


Thanks for the comments :). Using enviroment from the previous animation, I did something else :wink:


Yet another 7 seconds of extremely well done animation! Great quality and amazing triceratops model, well done my man!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Amazing work!

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wow… awesome Work

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What sound did you use for the roar?

Superb work! The compositing of the rain was especially nice. I love it.

If I can offer one criticism, it’s the car on the left. It seems a bit plain compared to all of the rich details contained in the rest of the scene. The low poly model and the clean textures (the blacks of the window frames especially) draw the eye away from the main event, which is a badass dinosaur kicking up a fuss.

That’s just me nitpicking as the whole piece is simply stunning!

Are we going to see a complete Blender remake of the movie? :wink: