Juri / cgstrive - Sketchbook


Sketchbook dedicated to document personal transition into Blender (from max/maya). I hope to share some workflows/tests /resources including between Blender and Houdini (Indie). Would be happy to get some feedback/crits from you (boldly!) :slight_smile:

I also want to stress the immense gratitude and appreciation I feel for the developers of this amazing software.

// Helmet WIP (30% there/modeling stage only):

[SUP]preview render:[/SUP]


Nice work, like the way the panels are defined and very clean looking even though there’s a lot of elements also welcome to the Blender community.

Thank you tommy!

I wanted to demonstrate a simple and cool non destructive detailing workflow(Blender->Houdini):

  • Essentially i set up DUMMY POINTS/VERTS in blender, Shrinkwrap them to follow the surface as the underlaying topology evolves throughout the modeling stage. I export it to Houdini, which replaces these points with any geometry (in my case BOLTS) procedurally. It creates a very efficient detailing workflow.

Edit: By researching a bit, you can achieve similar result in Blender by using duplication panels FACES option so you can scatter your bolts/decals around main mesh. Instead of vertices/points you need to use POLYS as a template where you want the object to be instanced. The only trick is to use Shrinkwrap modifier to get correct alignment (normals/rotation) and correct positioning. It’s really efficient!

There are benefits to both, it’s more elegant for quick and interactive workflow in Blender but you can take it very far in Houdini (e.g alter main mesh topology). Either way just wanted to share a cool detailing workflow. Tnx

That helmet is stunning, it’s just SOO good!

I’m very impressed by the wonderful modeling in this sketchbook here. And also by your reel on your web site.

Thanks for the workflow tips. It’s interesting to see Blender take part in a multi tool production pipeline.

Kindest thing ever said to me @minoribus. Thank you both sincerely!

A small update on modeling progress (houdini screencap):
I’m advancing at a snails pace but I have redesigned side of face slightly ( going for more detail ) worked a bit on chest area (that is inspired by Blender Logo). Still a lot to do but sadly have other responsibilities coming up for a bit.

I also hid some developer names/logos on the chest as a tribute/easter egg :

[SUP]The logos are MESH that are done with Houdinis TRACE node (1 single simple node) that converts image into mesh. Advantage of it is that you can preview these logos easily in Blenders viewport without speed penalty (that comes with enabling textures) as well as move/reposition anywhere without UVs with ever evolving mesh. Helps with Design. I found it to be a good trick that I a also hope may be useful for others :slight_smile:


The helmet is really cool, I find the logos really beautifull. They are so detailed and futuristic I love it

WOW, you’ve so serious skills, that’s amazing.
Just watched your demoreel… You’re damnly professional and good.

Love your game developement.

Fantastic work

Outstanding work, keep it up!
I really like the idea with the dev names as logos.

great work! I liked your workflow about logo meshes and typography.
One question, though, i’d be curious to see the wires of said logos and typos, would you show it?