Juri Lotman (1922-1993) [male character+interior]

The deadline is within hours, so it’s a bit late to ask comments, but here we go.
One of the greatest scientists in his field [semiotics]:


His arms look a bit stiff, maybe have them rest on the table other than right above. and his eyes should be looking at the book. Other than that Great models!

I agree. His arms do look stiff. But you have a great interior set. maybe put some shadows on the table and chair so that it would not look like floating in the air.

what they said. Drop the hands to the table, put in a floor to receive shadows from the table and chairs, and point his head down a touch so he appears to be looking at the book, or, have him look directly at the camera, as if just interrupted from reading by someone (the viewer) entering the scene.

Ended worse than I expected :confused:
This is what I managed to pull off with no time to rerender. And 2D other last minute unexpected problems, as expected.