just a body WIP

this is a work in progress, but I am very proud because of the challenge to not make mechanical objects and this is my first organic.
this is what I have after 15 hours logged.
about 4 hours of the time has been trial and error time (as I have never made an organic model nor have I logged more than twice that amount using Blender),
the first image shows the face and body (going for an stoic expression eventually).
the second image shows how I started the mouth by extruding the neck.
the third image shows how I loop cut from the mouth back to the neck to start modeling the head (the beginnings of the upper lip are selected.
I messed up the head and had 4 doubles but I didn’t save my work regularly. :frowning:
started as a cube and have been loop cutting since.
at this point I am hoping just for some votes of good luck…


I’m not quite sure about what you’re going for with the head, but if you’re going for realism or trying to improve organic modelling by learning about topology I suggest checking this out:


Jonathan explains everything crystal clear and I can not emphasize enough how immensely these tutorials help you out in your first steps towards organic modeling.

I will check that link out. thank you.
I noticed if I did not start with the mouth and loop cut the region between the mouth and the neck it would affect my subsurf modifier giving one area (the face) a glossy look whereas the body would not be as glossy (because the number of divisions increased in that area).
If you notice in the second picture (in the right-hand viewport) the topology is flowing from the back of the head to the mouth pretty uniform, however I have a lot of verts in the mouth/cheeks/eye socket area that need adjustment (to say the least), but it is my assumption that that is natural because of the amount of detail in that area.
I have been playing with Blender and I am having fun.
I was trying to keep the topology flowing from the body to the neck.
Also, I noticed the rendered image lighting had too much intensity, I might fix that before I post a picture again.
thank you, again.

just a note…
I looked at the page, one thing I can say is the my figure’s body topology and head topology is flowing from the trunk to the head uniform.
I haven’t seen a tutorial on is how to use the same topology for the body and head.

Well, there are a lot of tutorials on head modeling, and… not so many about modeling a body. So most of it would be… google… google for references search for things like: “body topology”… also, a great help is to know a bit of anatomy, not the names of muscles per se, more the flow of muscles, how the body works. You can learn a lot from just watching pictures.

Yet again, I really advise you to watch those videotutorials and practice along with them until you get the hang of the whole topology issue.

I had to add a couple of loops cuts along the z axis (while modeling the face) is why the body looks a little off, noticed in the legs mostly.
I am relaxing with the link you posted.
thank you.

edit: for clarity (while modeling the face)

after viewing the first video i couldn’t wait any longer to blend.
it help greatly knowing where to put the face loops on the face (so far I have only made the mouth).
here are some pictures.


ed: Here is a good head modelling tutorial in text format. I would suggest taking the time to properly model the head before doing too much more to the body.


Good luck with your model :slight_smile:


It looks like alot of subsufring? Do you even have “Set Smooth” on?

after scrapping the first attempt and going for a second attempt by using the block modeling method to create the head I have determined it is beyond my capability to use the block modeling method to model the head.
the verts become a tangled mes around the upper nose area, no matter how much the rest of the head becomes realistic looking.
I am going to review the first video again while I am modeling for the third time (doesn’t really bother me but I had to try the block model ling method to learn for myself).
here is a screenshot of the second attempt used as a background image for my third attempt using the alternate method which John mentions in the beginning of the first video in his series on head modeling, can’t remember the technical name right now…
also I am not using smooth modifier, as I am not really sure what it does (need to learn that function by reading about it or activating the modifier).
thank you for the encouragement.
BTW thank you BleedForMe, sometimes my stubbornness leads to great revelations.


Good, so now you’re working with some proper edgeloops. Also, I’d like to suggest,… aw, I hate to be this guy telling you what to do and how to do it, but I know it’ll benefit your skills, I’d like to suggest using a more detailed background image to model your head from, like the ones here, which are free to use:


Also, I think it’d help hiding your earlier model, you can do this by selecting it and pressing H, it will disappear, but it isn’t gone, you can unhide it whenever you want by pressing Alt+H. However, I’d advise against unhiding it before you’re done with your head and background image, since it can destort your view on the background image.

Hope it helped, and seriously, it may be a pain in the ***, but the way you restarted, will get you a lot further than the first attempt. Keep at it, try to do something at least every day… and you’ll see, you’ll get the hang of everything quite fast.

BleedForMe: man 301 is the guy, but his cheek bones need work…
right now, I am going for a comic book looking face, I am very new so I didn’t want super realistic but more stylized.

if you want to go for stylised… google “character design” and just look for something that appeals to you… there’s a lot of stuff out there.