Just a Bowl of Lemons

This wasn’t a large project, mainly focusing on seeing how far I can push rampshaders and node-based colour-correction to capture a certain atmosphere.

BTW I’ve gotta give a hand to Ton and the rest at the Orange Project, and try out the new node-based material editing and compositing. You’ll need a CVS build from here


Looks good.
But what is this little black dot on the dish?

Rendering artifact?

I don’t have the slightest clue :expressionless:

Looks like intersecting mesh to me. Real nice though.


Mike Luva: I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean

First off, don’t post your own images in someone else’s thread.

Second such cube things like that are no longer allowed.

It’s a five sided shotgun shell, I think. Impressive. %|

Solarsails, your project is pretty good but the texture on the lemons is too blurry.

Really? Since when? Not that I would post anything that primitive.

The Lemons look good but decrease the texture size and maybe a bit more Nor

I agree with everyone else. The texture could change a bit, maybe more high res, but the lighting is great. The texture is the only thing you need to change. Nice job.