Just a coincidence?

Last night I woke up and immediately looked at my clock and the time was exactly at 1:11:11. Now, I know it’s not a big deal (I think about 1/30000 chance of happening) but very often things like that happen and they freak me out. It’s not that I was awake and looked at my clock, I woke up for some reason and there it was.

It’s the same deal with meeting someone you know far from home.

One time I kept bumping into this girl who I never knew and I had to ask myself if it was fate - if there was a reason I kept meeting her. I hate thinking that there’s some universal plan mapped out and I’m just following some predetermined path because it undermines my certainty of free will.

But then if the universe and time is momentary, why is there such a thing as a coincidence?

I had 3 seperate dreams in 3 consecutive nights with each beginning where the last left off. A year later it happened. Everything about corrilations between the dream and how it happened can be explained as actions simply based on memories of the dream buried in the the subconcious- I acted it all out without knowing it, including all the wacky crap including busting a passing truck’s windsheild with a thrown rock and claiming to them I had to do it because I owned the road and neferous land grabbers were filtering traffic only letting through those that would agree to not pick me up so they could take the road from me and I’d pay for the damage but needed a ride to somplace right down the road that, turns out in hindsite was about 750 miles away. And jumping off a bridge into a rocky creek and hiding under the bridge because the ‘cops’ were looking for me after the windshield incident and many other ‘illusions’. After the fact I knew exactly why what happened, happened. Serious drugs taken and lack of sleep over 3 days time and some mild overexposure to the sun. Boom all explained, all makes sense. Except where it all happpened and the timeframe is still hazy. I’d never been there before. Ever. Never even in the state and didn’t know the slightest about the state. But everything took place exactly in the exact terrian, episode by episode and between episodes as the dream. Locations is the only thing about it all I haven’t been able to explain.

This all lead to thinking and exploring theories, many of which support the theory we do indeed have a subconcious that at times will hold memories the concious mind won’t remember untill it’s ‘triggered’ by something- usually some variation of the 5 senses including combinations of them.

Which led to deeper attempts to understand to dream that happened, specifially the land and it lead to stuff like this:

One form of view states destiny is a fact, your entire life is mapped out before you’re born and some ‘splinter groups’ will claim you’re only around for a purpose, as a physical vehicle to make something happen that’s supposed to happen to further along a pre-determined plan.
This is a reglious view(s) and ties in with the Biblical ‘future telling is forbidden’ junk- but why is it forbidden? Because our lives might be blueprinted? And in the case of the splinter groups, without Judas, well…

And you might end up wondering about the purpose of everything. Then:

One day you might look up during a windy day at the sky and watch the clouds fly by and be filled with a sense of awe and have an epifany, if only for a moment, that dispite knowledge and technology, you’re only another animal on this planet trying to survive and in the course of that survival sh*t happens in odd unexplainable ways that more often then not have no reasons why.

It’s all coincidence.
I’m religious, but I don’t think a clock showing 1:11:11 is exactly an important part of His plan.

what happens is that humans are very good at recognizing patterns… So that if there are 30000 events in a day, and a 1/30000 chance of there being a major coincidence, then we will only remember the times they do happen, as opposed to the times they don’t…

you are the divine one… we shall give you gifts and virgins. would you prefer boys or girls?

LOL looking for signs and patterns is different for everyone.

for example in certain situations signs pop out and others don’t, thousands of signs are happening every minute.

a word in a game show, a pattern in numbers, meeting someone, a parellel event to yours…

logical people will look for numbers, things like 1234 on a clock.

religious people will look for signs talked about in the holy books, stigmata, locust plagues… whatever

for me during a tough breakup, i saw 3 shooting stars in one night. all in a row and all looking from the exact location i had spent good times with my ex.

now to everyone else, it is just “wow cool shooting stars” but to me at that location and time, i needed to imagine it was somthing more. and to me it meant “everything will be fine”

you take what you need from everything that happens.

its only human, to parellel what is outside to what is inside.


The only path mapped out for me is death

I agree wiith bobthevirus.

also, 1:11:11 occurs every day without fail so its more common than say a random number generator that flips through every possible display changing once per second.

As for meeting random people, there was this one girl who popped up in the most random places. First she was in my youth orchestra. then she pops up at my summer camp/school. then at a track meet. last time I saw her was when I volunteered with the Library of Congress to interview WWII vets on the mall on Memorial day, she showed up there, doing the same thing…weird. I guess the first couple aren’t really that strange, but she’s everywhere :o


go get that girl. she sounds like a keeper


That sort of thing happens to me sometimes. I have a strange dream and then sometimes I act out what happened in the dream and it triggers that feeling of deja vu. I know the dream came first but usually the dream is nothing spectacular so I didn’t see the point in dreaming about it.

I definitely believe that’s true because there is a person called Derren Brown on uk TV who stops people in the street who have passed by someone for a split second and then asks detailed questions about what they saw. Subconsciously people pick up far more information than the conscious mind deals with so it filters out the unimportant stuff. It happens with films where you look at a screen and take in the entire image but you only really remember the foreground events because those are the important parts of the movie.

I think you might be right about the Bible being against future telling (soothsayers and things). What I don’t get is surely the Old Testament prophesies contradict that. Not to mention the visions of John (I think) in the book of Revelation. Soothsayers and witches and stuff were criticised in the Bible but the prophesies and such are acceptable. If the Bible was the true word of God, I don’t think it would be so hypocritical.

Yeah, that happens a lot. I think there was a poignant phrase in Bruce Almighty where it said that people should stop looking up for answers. I just wish whatever made the world the way it is had provided a manual. Could you imagine if Blender didn’t come with a manual and the developers couldn’t be contacted?

No, I know that the example I gave wasn’t very good but it was the only one I could think of at the time. Also, as I said, it wasn’t the numbers themselves but the fact I woke up during the night, which I rarely do and that was what the time was. The 1/30000 I figured from the fact that I sleep for about 8 hours = approx 30000 seconds so the chances I would wake up on one of those exact seconds is 1/30000 but I could be wrong there. To be more accurate, I might have to analyse sleep patterns etc.

Another meaningless example happened today. Last night before I went to sleep, I had a thought that there might be a big spider in my bed. I have had big spiders in my room. Now, I’m not afraid of spiders and I didn’t feel any spider in my bed but for some reason I had a feeling, like a 6th sense that there was. When I got up in the morning, showered and returned to my bedroom, I discovered a large, squashed spider on my bed. :o

Lol, if you meant me, I’ll take virgin girls please. Good luck finding one of legal age these days.

That’s an interesting point. I think the same sort of thing happens with horoscopes. Some people read them and think that they have a profound meaning for them without realising that the same horoscope is meant for millions of people besides them. But why do people pick out meaning from certain things that others don’t?

Do we have a genetic make-up whereby we each feel at some point in time that we are more special than we are, that there is some purpose for us? I think that is why fictional superheroes are so popular. Does the fact that some people need a reason to exist suggest there is a reason for everyone’s existance?

And the winner of the Mr Pessimism contest 2004 is… :slight_smile: Perhaps you’re being more realistic than pessimistic, I can’t tell. Either way I know where you’re coming from. It’s interesting you say that death is a path. Life is the path which inevitably leads to death but is death the only certainty we have? Is death even a certainty? At a casino, you can take statistics of all the winners and losers but you still can’t predict the following month’s number of winners and losers.

What if, all of a sudden, people stopped ageing and dying. There’s no reason why that couldn’t happen because we know that there is no human being who controls the nature of the universe and something made up the rules that human beings die in the first place. What’s to stop it changing?

She sounds like a stalker. RUN! :slight_smile: That’s exactly the situation I’m talking about. You know when two people keep meeting up. It’s the same when people say they have met that special someone. How do you know? The usual reply to that is “Oh, you’ll know”. But again, is it because people have a tendency to want to be considered special and when they find someone willing to offer that consideration, they are led to believe that it is meant to be? Does true love exist or is it just a trick of the subconscious mind like a coincidence, leading people to try harder to make relationships meaningful when they are nothing more than chance?

Do we have a genetic make-up whereby we each feel at some point in time that we are more special than we are

yeah i was born with that LOL.

And the winner of the Mr Pessimism contest 2004 is…

death is nothing to be afraid of.

life-death is a simpel cycle, but its what you do inbetween that counts.

personally i plan to make the middle as good as possible. if i die then i die, the end of the story. i won’t loose any sleep over it


Some stuff like that has happened to me but not quite that dramatic. Sometimes I try to guess what song a radio will be playing and I turn on the radio and sometimes the song I was thinking of is playing. That has happened about 3 or 4 times. Another time I was singing a song and turned on the radio and it was playing.

I’m not afraid of death - I’m more afraid of life. I wish I could think like you but I don’t really see the point in making the middle part good if death is the end and there is no greater meaning. Why not die now if it makes no difference?

Ok, you might say that someone’s life can be meaningful because of how it affects others. Da Vinci still affects people’s lives despite being long gone. But that doesn’t have any meaning for him now as he’s dead. And what about the countless unknowns who have lived and died over the years?

Without them, some of us might not be here right now. So why us? Why is it we weren’t one of the many aborted foetuses? Sure, it could be chance but it seems to me things are happening for a purpose.

The complex things that happen every day suggest it can’t be chance. Imagine if one day there comes a time when every living thing on Earth dies. It would be like the saying “if a tree falls in the forest and no-one is around to hear it does it make a sound?”. If no-one exists to measure time, does time cease to exist? Any meaning that can be attributed to the universe revolves around human existence so it has to be there for a reason, doesn’t it?

Good example, I do that a lot too. I think it feels stranger when it’s a song that you’re singing because it’s meaningful to you. Like what Alltaken was saying about the shooting stars.

live for yourself, make things as good for yourself as possible.

for me that is to stick strongly to my morals, live with as much enthsiasm as possible, never pass up an oppertunity. and make others enjoy life.

the more everyone enjoys things the more i enjoy things.

i want to leave somthing for the next generation to enjoy too, so i would like to leave my mark, but if i am not remembered a day after i die, well thats the way it is.

if you get depressed and kill yourself, you have lost the oppertunity to enjoy the middle. if you live happily and die before you have achieved your goal then you are not a failure, you mearly died.

life is a game that only you know how to play.


I seem to be in tune with the TV :o The amount of times I suddenly think of a movie I haven’t seen in years, and then it appears on TV in the next few days is getting a bit scarey hehe. If only it happened with lottery numbers :frowning:

Ur born and then u die, the bit between is called life.

I suppose life is what u want it to be, so anything that happens u can believe whatever u want i.e. u see the same person several times, maby they are there as a coincidence or something else, its whatever u want to believe.

What if she’s some psycotic crackhead stalker? HUH???

What if she’s some psycotic crackhead stalker? HUH???[/quote]

well she probably wouldn’t b doing all these constructive things with her life, like vollunteering LOL.


it’s scary, every website I go to has this banner ad that says I won something. It’s like I was born to win stuff…

err, yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

Coincidences and synchronicity 8)

I had a dream once in middle school. A clowns head was coming out the toilet. Some how I found out my brother had the same experience and could relate to the same dream like it was real. I always feel wrong for bringing it up, like it’s a silly thing to talk about.

Let’s solve the riddle. Neo in The Matrix finally can see the code at the end in the hallway.

logical people will look for numbers, things like 1234 on a clock. 

religious people will look for signs talked about in the holy books

What ever tickles my fancy hey? Science is one way, Religion is another, I suppose Pshycology is another way.

passed by someone for a split second

I discovered a large, squashed spider on my bed

erughh… you must of seen it in the corner of your eye and for some reason your brain was saying ’ Don’t get in to bed, I saw a spider! ’ then shrugged it off.