Just a couple simple questions.

I’m working on a human… and I just have a few questions before I go too far. They’re fairly specific, and I can’t really find exact answers.

So far I’ve done the head and I’m ready for the body.

  • What parts of the body should be in seperate objects, if any? What determines weather they should they be seperate or not? Does it have to do mostly with texturing and organization?

  • Should I construct the bones before modeling the body or is it OK to add the bones in later? (never worked with bones before)

  • Is it possible at a later time to lower the poly count? I want to design my character to look nice for static renders, but it will eventually be used in a game, so I’ll have to have a low poly version as well.

I think that’s it.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I never do separate objects of the human body. I model and texture my model first the I add an armature (if that’s what you mean.) It is possible to reduce the poly count with a high value on rem double, but I would do it pretty lowpoly now and maybe use subsurf to get it smoother and textures (image and bump) for details.

The eyes and clothes should be different meshes, the body would be one single mesh.

That is not recommended. You could use the mesh decimator (which will pretty much mess up your mesh topology), but I recommend to make different meshes. You could however start with the lowpoly version, save it, and continue with the refinement for the highpoly version.