just a demo of a neat way to display WIP models

hi well i dint make it but my friend did (irgeorge) and it is just a cool why to show off your works in progress…


btw press LMB to rotate
RMB to zoom
both buttons at once to move arround

(o yeh must say thanks to irgeorge otherwise he “might” hurt me :stuck_out_tongue: )

SWEET how?

HOLY CRAP THATS AWESOME!!! please show is your technique!!!

hey cheers fudge for postin this. ok, have a look at http://www.demicron.com/wirefusion/index.html its a program alot like shockwave or flash. You can download a free trial of it and just fiddle with it. On the site there is a 3d add on for the program which lets you import VRML 2.0 models into it (although you can model it in blender you will need to export it in some format, eg. .obj, to wings 3d that can save as VRML 2.0) not sure if this made alot of sense, but just check out the site.

eh, your friend did what?
that suzanne is just a base mesh from blender…


basse i said press
left mouse button to rotate
right muse button to zoom
both buttons to scroll

its all cool and rotatey like…

Really cool, it doesn’t require to install any plugin. It require only java. I think, that it has future.

neato! hey check out my ‘fishy scene’ wip. Kind of the same thing but in reverse. instead of a rotating object in a static view, you have static objects but a rotating view.

Or you could use the realtime plugin…

Or just java applets, I’m pretty sure it’s the same thing. It seems like it’s probably easier to do it with that program though.