Just a dude, 2.8

This is not “the dude” it’s just, a dude.

This is my first sculpt using 2.8 and it was so painful. But I got over the worst part and am starting to really enjoy 2.8. It’s all dyntopo, and several vertex maps painted in Blender, no image textures at all (it is not retopo-ed or unwrapped.) There is an HDRI (Veranda) from hdrihaven from @gregzaal . I don’t know how I want to finish it, or what scene exactly to make around it.

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Jeez, that’s a sculpt? I thought it’s a scan! Great job!

Thanks. It’s funny it does kind of have a scan look to it, I was thinking the very same thing looking at it. But it started from a humble cube, I was going to do a female face and got 1/2 way there, and then decided to do an older male face. It’s surprising how similar female and male faces are really.

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