Just a face

Hi everybody… here’s a face i’m working on .)

But there’s a great problem with his (her???) nose =\\ Please, correct me .)))


Thankzzzzzzz =)))

Well, not so much that your nose is wrong then the fact that the face is too long altogether. Try squishing the vertical axis a bit and then reshaping as needed. Specifically, the area below the eyes to right below the nose.


Well… u right… the areas at the bottom of eyes are better to be moved to sides if the face .) i’m not shure about the fact, that the head is streached vertically… i’ll play around whith it later… thankzzzzz =)))

Move what where? 0_o Your cheek bones are too pronounced, or your going for the starved look. The ridge of the nose is too linear, could use some curves on the side instead of bing straight down. There are several tri’s in your forhead/brow area you could get rid of, as well as in the nostral area and the crotch of your eyes. But even your newly updated image still look like the face is too long and it’s the ridge of the nose that stands out as the problem to me.

You need reference. Whether it’s a photograph or a drawing you’ve done, you need a reference image set behind this so you can put the right things in the right places.

As for your mesh problems, look up other faces done and posted around the forums and study thier wires to see how they got those specific shapes.

no… i’m not really interested in refference… that’s not going to be something realistic… maybe drawing would be great…

i was speaking of photo ofcourse .))) pardon me .)


One more update .)
Frankly speaking i’m ill and i’m not working because of that .))) So… i draw…

Well the nose looks MUCH better then it did earlier! Still have some tri’s in your mesh and the brow bones seem to be over pronounced a bit, but it’s definitely coming together. Upper lip could use some work too, give it some more body, same for the lower lip, it’s as if he’s sucking his lips in.