Just a few questions about games

Please answer these questions and don’t hold anything back!

I would like a game where I can make tall structures out of an infinite number of cars. Stack them so high you can climb onto the moon, and race moon buggys against Bowser and Wario.

Also I think you should include a worms style aspect to the game. eg, you could stand on top of your infinite car building, and drop more cars off the top. Also, you could make the worms get friends and lovers like in the Sims.

What about incorporating something like you’ve never seen before? For example I’ve never seen a pink eagle biting into a beutiful ladys’ earlobe.

I voted for an infinite amount of vehicles as I feel this would meet my needs most.

The ultimate game would probably have a world where you can do nearly everything you ever wanted to do and would be like the size of the Earth itself.

Lol! Good one.

[edit]Er, wait was that a joke? I thought you were pointing out that it would pretty much be real life.

Anyway, nethack… you can do almost anything in nethack. You can have sex, but it’s generally not a good thing.
Nethack is almost the best game ever.[/edit]

Well, games are escapism, and most people want to escape to something close to reality but with no responsiblity.

So, yes, the ultimate gmae would probably be like life, but without the responsibility…


Starcraft 2!!!

Theres no RTS categories!! :<

I chose “All of The Above”, so the game would be called:

ViceCityHaloGrandTurismoThe SimsNFSUnderground2All-Building-WalkerCharacter-CustomizerFreeMassiveW InfiniteVehicles


It would be the best game ever, but the next version is always better. 8)

I really respect your opinions, and i am sorry that i didn’t include any rts categories but the reason I didn’t is that most rts’ it is in a fake 3d view and my game i am currently working on is basicall like life but without the limitations. Except for money and items. Again i apollogize for the rts category, in my defense i have played starcraft 2 and i must say it is a exceptionally challenging game. :smiley: