Just a few questions...

1.How would I keep an object in one global orientation when it’s parented to an object.

2.What is the purpose of the “area” lamp?

3.Are buffered shadows better or baked shadows better?

Respond please! I have so many questions about Blender that I want answered! :eyebrowlift:

1 I think that you can use vertex parenting instead of object parenting.

3 Well baked are lighter than buffered, it ll depend on the case

  1. leonnn is right - use vertex parenting (select object 1, then select object 2, go into edit-mode, select a vertex, and press Ctrl+P).
  2. The area lamp doesn’t work in the BGE.
  3. Baked lighting is far easier on your graphics card, but buffered shadows are true, dynamic shadows - objects can be shaded by other objects, for example. Like leonnn said, it depends on the game to choose which shadows are the best.