Just a Forest

Here is a simple forest using Hair to create fluffy trees

I understand that it’s supposed to be fantasy, but my first thought was that those were dandelions in grass.
Maybe the camera is too close, and the “grass” too tall. The perspective doesn’t make it look like trees in a forest.

Me too! (as sqips said).
It’s because it seems grass and plants because it doesn’t exist any plant with those physics that move like that with the wind and so with a weak inner structure.
Flowers is more intuitive to see. :slight_smile: Or maybe it is a planet with a very low gravity and so little plants act like giant grass (I don’t know what I am saying ahah).
Anyway the fluffyness is pleasant to see. :wink:

I think you should put Whoville there. :wink:

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I agree I think there are a couple of issues here.
The camera depth of field effect is too strong which is producing a miniaturizing effect on the scene.
Secondly there is nothing in the scene to act as a scale reference apart from the grass.
The grass suffers from been too chunky and too long. I am currently making a video version of this scene
so may find time to address these issues. Thanks for the feedback.
As for Whoville. Maybe its already there and is just to small to see :slight_smile:

Update with improved grass