just a head

hi, im going to make a head, and here is what i have made by now, theres still a lot of work to do, but i would like some C&C.


This is so much better than mine! How did you do the nose?
Onlt crit is that the eye seems to overlap the face beneath it

Your topology looks great. Been watching the video tute from the CJ?

The bridge of the nose needs to be narrower towards the brow line. Nostrils need a bit more definition as well.


thank you, yes i have watch the video, it is varry nice.
I dont think the eye is overlaping the face, maby it is just the render
I have allready make the nose bridge narrower (an other guy say it on an other forum)

the bottom eyelid doesn’t show very well, infact there barely appears to be a bottom eyelid.

Okey here is a litle update. What do you have to say.

Here is a update, I try too make here more fat.

The eyes still seem to be overlapping to me :-?
Maybe if you worked on the lower eyelid ( added one for a start :wink: ) it would look better