Just a Idea: CoralApp plugins for Blender ?

Nobody are interested to make a plugins to connect Blender to CoralApp ?


I don’t have enough time , experienced and knowledge in python to do it my self but I launch the idea if someone want to do it. I probably post-it on BlenderStorm too.

No comment on the subject?

I think the thrust of development is toward supporting FOSS rather than commercial apps. Up until recently, it was possible to export to Photoshop and Quicktime formats, but now it isn’t. So, I doubt they’re interested. Keep in mind, too, that Blender’s primary platform in Linux, not Windows even though I suspect the user numbers are likely at least as high on the Windows side of the fence.

Personally, I think it’s a good idea, but I’m not a programmer so I can’t provide a solution. Considering the state of FOSS graphics apps for Windows, I think having direct support for a few commercial apps would be a good idea. I tried really hard to use Gimp for texturing, but ended up going back to Photoshop. It seems there was always something that just wasn’t working right in Gimp and I got tired of chasing solutions that didn’t always work.

I’m not sure but are you talking about Corel Draw? Because me I talking about CoralApp. Not the same thing :slight_smile: It’s not commercial and working on Windows , Linux and Osx. It’s not for drawing :slight_smile: It’s for controlling many things with nodes programming.

Beg pardon; my mistake. Please disregard any statements I may or may not have made. Meanwhile, I will go find a big stick to lever my foot from my mouth.


ahahah no problem about this mistakes :slight_smile: