just a laptop

made this a while back, didnt post it thou

c&c welcome

proly not gona change it unless something big comes up


looks pretty good.One thing that you could add is put more light on the screen and maby find a windows login screen or something to put on the screen.

naa, the screen should be dark as its more of a hardwear presentation type render then a softwear

Hi, vitaliy .
Where is a blender key? :smiley:

its ctrl not cntrl.


Wow Jacco…nice catch! What do you do…go over the pic slowly…nice one man.

its ctrl not cntrl.

actualy it says cntrl on my keyboard… thats what i was copying offa, and yes i should add a blender key onto there lol

What keyboard do you use? :confused:
Mine says Ctrl.

3dak: Thanks, I just wanted to see the size of the letters on the keys. Then I noticed “Cntrl”. After three years of blender pictures, you notice these things I guess, I’m sure more people saw it.