Just a lil fun with the Knife tool.

I learned a new tool today so i just wanted to show off my real quick learning sessions. (I play around with all the new tools for about 2 hours then i use them on real blends.
No C&C required these are just for fun.
And please dont say this is spam, It is only me playing around and showing it off.


That last one i just wanted to butcher suzanne’s ear off for sport. (i watched a show where they talked about Mike Tyson and the whole ear thing)


Well you havent really left much room for a reply, have you ;). If no C and C and no spam…um…why post again?

They are…interesting. Good to see im not the only one who does countless feature tests :wink:

'dis is bootiful, mishter.

Well Dante i just like to show off my work and so that all my buds can see it.
Above the pics i said no C&C cuz i wasnt gonna work on them any more.
But thx for the replies guys.