Just a little vid of the future today

if anyone objects I will remove the vid.
This thing has a V12 Rolls Engine from a WW 2, P51 Mustang fighter plane.


Well, from an old fart’s POV :blush:, it’s more like an ancient futuristic tech dream come true - but a farce, since we now also know it’s hurting environment and ourselves much more than we imagined, does huge damage vs. bringing any kind of probable or possible benefit

some sarcastic prophecies came from Geiger’s friends in '82

As a Living Dinosaur myself I understand your point of view and it was not
the consumption of fuel but the artistic, engineering and ability to bring a complicated concept from idea to reality that I was trying to show , I Idea that if
you can conceive and dream it anything is possible that I was trying to show
you should see my twitter feed I’m hardly a hair on fire conservative .
but your song is true , and funny too .

Mechanics have been cutting-up stock motorcycles and building so-called “choppers” since time began.

not to be rude but I built this one along with 300 others, REAL 3D art , no offense intended to the artist,s here but tell me something new , by the way not a stock cut up but ground up, frame, fenders, tanks and entire bike, Designed & hand built by me and I painted it too. the vid was just a little something from my world to show something different as a break in the action.



It is really cool, but if that poor sob scoots back just a hair, he’s not gonna be wearing pants anymore! :smile:

pure fact have a real sore tail haha , thought about taking a heavy bike roller (no motor or trans )
and building a proto-type electric but never got around to it.

The TV broadcaster known as Discovery Networks is known for shows chock full of people building wild and wonderful new things and variants of things (from Mythbusters 15 years ago to the new seasons of Battle Bots). The rate people are building these types of things has gone up significantly with the help of the internet and 3D printers. They even had a show about a couple of people who built custom motorbikes.

I was into it pretty heavy for many years and was offered a spot on Discovery in 2004 but turned it down recently retired from it and now just trying to learn Blender so I can do 3D character and game development,and have started a website to see if I can assemble a team for production of new games and characters,have three ideas, one alien , one post apocalyptic and one medieval, anyone interested can take a look its pretty preliminary as I don’t want to jump in with both feet till I see if there is any one interested and can be seen here , but I still have the bike somethings never change ,well back to my homework , haha.


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