Just a model with hair and SSS? How much would it cost?

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Good day.
I just crossed this post:

It only has Xgen hair
It only has sss as shader material
It is not rigged
Seriously? $ 299 - $254 model? What in the world?

So, incomparisong to Blender´s work, like Nazar´s models: would be what $$?

Blender can give turbosquid better hair and eevee optimized models… soo?

Q: Is turbosquid price justified on these kind of models -with no rig- other than the sole merit to have a “groomed” model??
Coments and observations, welcomed.

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There’s many variables that goes into figuring out the cost of an asset. How much it costs the artist (hardware, licencing, food, rent, build, etc), their skill level, their pricing risk trade-off (Cost more, but have less purchases, or cost less and potentially have more purchases. If the same number of people buy the asset, then one option gives you more money), and other things that I’m probably missing. Either way,I wouldn’t consider hair and SSS in the cost, unless it’s a really good hair groom, and a really well designed skin shader.

As for the price, assuming a wage of $26/hour, you’re looking at about 12 hours of work, or about 2 days. Which is reasonable to a short time for a background character.

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will people price things based on what thy want and ther skills just like what @propersquid said !!!

i once had someone asking me to give him a price for facial rigg with a shape keys in facebook

,and i was like 200$ for the whole work, and he was like wow, its to much expensev !!!
i mean he said that because i was nobody, but if he googled it he would find that the least cost of facial rigg out ther is 300 to 400 $
i think its all about how much popular the thing is !!

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yes - facial only rigs- are around $400 and $500 and that depends on the closeup angles.
A “general” face rig, yes, it´ll be around $400.

Let´s get back to the main subject: Does SSS and Groomed (no rig) model for $450, is fare?

An “autodesk” general rigged (body and basic jaw - face) back in 2005 cost around $700 and $900. And it didn´t include SSS or Realistic hair.

Let´s port it to 2018, and add the SSS + Groomed hair. What do you think it´s an appropiate price. 2-3 days of work seem the reasonable time…but?..

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ii cant tell for sure
but what i can say is that ,autodesk was ripping off people because back thin ther was no other option for the users, unlike now !

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Also keep in-mind that you are buying a mesh with a topology and the better that is the more it is worth, some texture maps which the better they are and the closer to standards they are the more they will be worth and all of that, so yes a model that has good topology with good maps that is mostly gtg after being skinned is going to command a not insignificant price, quality is worth money.

In anything you do in life and not just 3d, you have two choices: Pay up front for quality or skimp on it and pay later in extra work while you replace or bring it up to standard, and neither one is a right choice. Let’s take cars for instance. I have two of them one is a 500 dollar junker I use for driving as much as I can, because due to my life situation I do need to drive about 80k miles a year, and the other is a niceish pickup that I picked up for about 5k that I use for when I’m driving someplace where I need to impress or haul something.
Each of them is a tool that is suited for a task, the car is disposable, when it dies I’ll call my brother for a ride and pick up a new one, it is a cheep thing I use because I need a thing to take abuse on bad roads with heavy amounts that I won’t become attached to, the pickup is a work and social machine, it’s job is to look nice, and transport heavy things from point A to B while I bring along the people to install said heavy thing. Each of them is a tool suited to a task.

Now when we look at art assets we need to keep in mind that just because it is cheep or expensive does not make one ‘better’ then the other. Each one is suited for a task. And the more you understand what they are good for the more you can know how to use them for the best results for your wallet and project.

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will that is a nice talk over here !

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I would charge $600-$700 bucks for this. If this takes two-three working days to make and you are charging 299 you are barely above the minimum wage in a lot of countries unless you are selling a tons of these. 3D models don’t sell all that well.

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Totally agree on this one.

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There are no “rules” for pricing 3D models, you can find free models that are better than their paid counterparts. The character’s price you’ve posted seems fair to me. At least if I need a character that fit this style, it will be cheaper to buy it than to make it from scratch.
To compare, the model from Nazar isn’t in T pose and the hairs are way more difficult to rig/animate. So even if it’s a much better work ( I’m a big fan of this guy) I may still stick to the first one even if Nazar’s one was at the same price.

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The time frame dictates what the value of the model is.
So far this is what I´m understanding.
Obviously the hour/rate applies here. So Let´s say a $35h/r for a modeling, texturing, grooming for 3 days around 10 hours of work easily add up to: 35hx10h= $350 usd per day x 3 days = usd $1050.
This is where I understand one of the post said: It´s best to buy it and you save time.
But this math ($1050) 3 day´s worth of work: how would it “adjust” to a fare of $254 for this “flat” model? (on the original post). It doesn´t add up.

So again, is just a matter of “semi-groomed” model and SSS? to Jump up from 1 day´s work ($350) to $250? That would sustain some stated facts from the previous posts.
What do you think?

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Hum, I’m not sure to understand, but you can’t really compare buying models and make them from scratch.
A model that you buy should be cheaper because everyone can buy it , so when you include it in your project you haven’t the exclusive right to use it.
You sell a model with the assumption that it will be bought several time and then you’ll get to a fair amount of money for the work done.
Also , when buying models you should consider the “real price” of the finished product : because you may have to change textures , rig it , or adjust the model to some art direction. That’s why it should still be cheaper to buy them.
It’s the same principle with stock footage and stock music.

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Sod off with that stupid logic. Its the other way around. If you want exclusive rights to a model you have to pay an exclusive price. That’s how it works.

And if it doesn’t sell more than one time? Its a gamble, you never know beforehand how much money you’ll get.

No it shouldn’t. You argument makes absolutely no sense. Whats the “real price”.
The artists needs to have its cost covered or he loses his ability to work.
Try to undercut an architect or engineer for his work because you have to make adjustments to the final product, and see how far you’ll get.

This constant whining about the prices of artists really pisses me off.
You can’t or don’t want to buy it, then don’t. Quality has its price and i can only encourage any artist who makes good work to stick with appropriate prices and don’t undercut your income by bending to cheapskate.

PS: Nazar´s models should be expensive, because his work is great, people love his art and he deserves it.

One of the reasons models on Turbosquid are so expensive is because the site uses kind predatory tactics, like forcing users to sell exclusively on their platform or they take a larger cut.
And they do take a large cut than other sites even if you do.

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I’m not sure we disagree here, sorry if my post wasn’t clear !

Of course ! Then that mean you may pay an artists to do the model instead of buying one, and that should cost more money …

Maybe I’m old fashioned but I think it’s really hard to make a living by selling 3D models like on Turbosquid, as a side income sure it can work and be helpful along freelancing. The thing is you can’t be really sure how much models you’ll sell , unless you have a lot of them.

The real price is : I buy a model for $300 , but I need to change textures, make a rig, maybe rework the model to correct some error from .obj import. That how it will cost to bring this model to your project. In a production environment these things add quickly.

I agree with you, and I don’t wanted to say the contrary , the only thing is , you can’t compare the price of a model made in production , which has exclusive rights, and surely went thought several artistic and technical iterations, and a model everyone can buy on the market .

What is a fair price for a model to sell ? I think there are no rules, and as you said it’s up to the vendor to name a price , and if we found it fair we buy it. I never said the contrary and I’m happy to buy models whenever I can because it’s generally way cheaper than to make them from scratch, even if it’s $300 for a character and there is additional costs (rig etc…) .