Just a neon test

This is a quick experiment I did with emissive materials and indirect illumination, trying to go for the neon light look. Tell me what you think…

I like it . Did you use lights for the back glow?How did you do the glow?

Well, I did a combination of lights and glow with the indirect lighting feature. I’m attaching the file if you’d like to examine it. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

neon experiment.blend (434 KB)

No suggestions now . Yes I like to look at the file . Thank you

Hi, I like the glow effect, and the way you set-up the neon lights with an inner white tube. There are a lot of point lights hanging above the tubes, and if they are removed then then the “fog effect” is gone… illustrated in the image below where the bluish point lights are removed.

I’m trying to use the same idea in a scene I’m working on, but adding 50 point lights manually is probably not the way to do it… how did you solve this? Looking in the outliner window it seems that the point lights are attached with the Bezier curve.



John, thanks for taking a look into that, I think you’re probably right, all those lights are not necessary :slight_smile: Glad to see the result without them. The way to duplicate the lights along a curve is by parenting the light to the curve first (the light is the child). Just a regular object parenting is fine. Then, under the object’s settings for the light, in the duplication tab, select Frames, deselect Speed (I think that’s what it’s called,) and play with the On/Off settings. Make sure to place the light at the intended starting point on the curve, with the appropriate offset if applicable. Andrew Price explains it very well in this tutorial. good luck!