Just a normal field of flowers

Just a normal field of flowers, aliens and a few ufo’s.


El Commentos?

You should be more patient. Sometimes it takes more than an hour and a half for people to respond.

You also shouldn’t use Putfile to host images, not only is it slow, but you relinquish all rights to your image when you use them.

The modeling all looks good, and the UFOs fit the picture, but the aliens don’t quite fit. They seem to be lit too brightly relative to the flowers around them. Other than that it seems good.

Who would be a better host? Yeah, I tried to get the aliens and flowers to match, but I just could’nt.

www.imageshack.us is a better host as you retain rights to your image.

Or use elysiun’s hosting (in the post form)

Love the ambiance and the UFOs.

The problem, as metioned above is the aliens on the ground. They don’t fit into the picture as well as the UFOs. They are too sharp and aren’t washed out enough so try desaturating them and ramping up the brightness value and adding a touch more blur. Sort that though and you’ve got a cracker picture!

Also maybe try a touch more blur on the foreground UFOs


As said, the aliens are a little off. But awesome scene in all other ways. I love how the ships and the lighting go together, really awesome job :slight_smile:

Well, since they’re aliens, they might look weird compared to what we think they look like. Maybe.

Nice concept. The spaceships blend in well, however the aliens do look out of place. This is called color perspective. You need to tone down the color of the aliens and mute their colors to match the scene better. You’ll have a better chance of doing this with some post production, that is, use Gimp or Photoshop to adjust he coloring.

Oh hey also there was absolutly no raytracing, just good O’l fashion AO. I used about 8 suns too.