Just a question of mine...

I will probably get in trouble for this, But I just really have to say that all of the crap going on in this world is really just about the struggle between good and evil. Come on folks, let’s call a spade a spade.

I am not choosing any religious or political point of view. It just seems to be so wrong regardless of the perpetrators. I mean really, what the hell are we doing to ourselves? Have we gone mad?

So, before this thread gets locked or whatever, any points of view? I really would like to hear them, we all can’t be crazy can we? (I don’t care cause I already am!)

Cheers, pixell

This thread is confusing and holds no real point.

Also, there is no good or evil, only shades of grey.

Too simple an explanation. I kinda agree with Sandrew people are not capable of true good or evil just fuzzy inbetween. The struggle is an inner one concerning what one would do to survive. There is alot of poor psycological, emotional and phisical health from the many types of waste created by the building of the modern world. IMHO it would have to discribed with a more general term “a mess”.

Yes, of course it is a struggle between good and evil! And while we as individuals can’t be perfectly one or the other, the general forces of greed, corruption selfishness hatred etc are clearly the cause of all of our problems.

North Korea Nuclear Program-Greed for power without regard for human suffering-Evil

Current Economic mess-Huge conglomeration of the greed/laziness of indivuals speculating on housing markets and running up to much consumer debt, big corporations using risky business practices because of arrogance and greed, OPEC, and lack of spine and integrity in government. - Evil

Red Cross-Good


Harderworking, responsible individuals-good

They counteract, and when one overcomes the other you get WW2 and the palestine conflict and 9/11.

The “shades of grey” are like the shades of grey on a monochrome image. There is only black and white, but the many instances of either look grey. A person’s motives are usually like that.

Although there is certainly a constant struggle between “good” and “evil” going on, I think there is simply a greater amount of incompetance.

It’s kind of like conspiracy theory. Although there is probably an amount of conspiracy going on, it’s probably no where near the extreme that some people believe it to be. It’s just that the amount of incompetance that’s going on makes it appear that “those in charge” are doing it on purpose.

Add to that the fact that “all it takes for evil to win is for good men (people) to do nothing” and how lazy humans are in general, and you’ve got your explanation for the current situation.

You forget that most things like greed have another side as well. Greed, for example, is what powers society, it’s the constant quest for more, and usually through honest work or clever thinking. Progress is made only when it’s economically viable.

Laziness is a reward, and hard working a way to fuel your greed. Big corporations aren’t evil, they are just big corporations trying to fuel their own quest for more. Besides, they worked hard to get to where they are currently.

And why the hell did you drop in your 9/11 and WW2?

Hmm. I don’t think there is a battle between good and evil.

As far as I can tell, all actions are are selfish and done to benifit ones self.

Anything that makes you feel good would be considered benifiting yourself. Things like having friends, or doing something nice for something or someone you care about. And things like “becoming rich” or “being better than everyone” are just things that you beleive will make you feel good so people try to acheive them.

So, If all actions are all done on the same basis what is the difference between good and evil?

Good actions are done to benifit others, because it makes you feel good, or to persuade them into appreciating you, giving you money, or other things that you will benifit from or believe you will benifit from.

Bad actions are actions that may harm other people, but done anyways because one believes the benifit will out-way the harm done to them.

From an omniscient point-of-view, I would see all actions as the same, each done for the same selfish reasons. But, from my point-of-view I prefer good over evil because it benifits me.

And so Pixelmass’s parents just stood there in wonder at the evil demon they had just conjured…

Oopppppsssss,sorry,wrong thread!!! :confused:

the whole idea of good and is something that was cooked up because of the evolution of human beings in the first place. I’m not taking any “oh, it’s not our fault” view, my views have something to do with The Maze (more on that soon). I’ve often asked the question "what kind of creature would kill it’s brother for his brother’s land, but corner themselves into a trap they themselves built? That is The Maze. It’s that physiological barrier we have set up to control ourselves and the coming generations. It defines everything, what you can and can’t do, what is ethical or not, and how we should live our lives. Lets say we are a race of small rats. Now these rats can’t comprehend their own intelligence, so they collectively build a set of guidelines to define their lives with to simplify things so they don’t need to worry about the truth. This may work for a while, but were rats meant to live confined in the beliefs of those long dead. Some of those beliefs are good, and knowingly or not strive to bring down the walls of The Maze and bring us to our true potential. But, if you look at examples of those striking out to undermine the walls, they are more often than not shunned by those they once trusted. If you leave the rats in The Maze long enough, they’ll do anything to get that feeling of contentment, of happiness, that can be achieved if we lived how we were supposed to.

How we are supposed to live, I don’t know. And it does sadden me to hear about all this crap going on in the world. Even in the United States, Democrats and Republicans would pounce at opportunities to weaken the other party. I truly don’t know what party to believe in anymore.

What I do know is that we are not supposed to live like this. Which is why I would really like to start a colony on Mars. I know, it’s ridiculously far fetched, but I think we need to start over, but I don’t want to kill anyone. I don’t want to inherit this Earth. Well…maybe, it’s the only home I’ve got.

Thanks Divided…you are correct. And this thread will go on with those who think elsewhere. Man does not know what is. He only sees what he believes to be correct. Ill see you on Mars, if nothing else…Good job.

You could just start a colony on some vacant desert island =P

yeah, but the desert would be too small eventually.
oops, there’s me getting all ambitious :stuck_out_tongue:
And mars is so much cooler.

Allright both of you…I was tryin to be serious…(gess the pork chops have got to be done by now…

sorry, It’s just that somebody said that people are too greedy or ambitious, something to that effect

Let me know when somebody knows more than I do…That will be interesting…(watch…someones going to post a long paragraph…bla, bla…yada.yada…(not you Shatter…) please not you…

Why not me? =[

I was serious, a desert island colony would be great =D

But in truth, it would get pretty small after awhile, and size restrictions would lead to conflict, which in tun would create another screwed up world. Such as the one pixelmass was discussing earlier.