Just a question

Hello :smiley: .I’ve checked right now if more than eight lamps work in one layer and found out , that all 12 of mine work.Is it possible that in 2.34
the “max lamps in a layer” problem has been fixed?Just asking.

I’d love to see a blend of your 12 lights working. I have checked it before looking for options around this and my test file with 9 spotlights still does not have all 9 working with 2.34. 8-lights is an openGL limitation so I think you are mistaken…

No , ive checked it twise.I made a long object and placed 12 lamps with a big distance between each other.Then i did many things - i moved them around …and it all worked!Maybe its my system or something , but im sure it worked, because i checked every one of them.Strange ,isnt it
:-? !

the opengl spec requires a MINIMUM of 8 lamps

but I don’t know what blender does about the limit. [I don’t know if it just ignores it and tries them all, always stops at 8… or what]

Are sure they are all working? You can create as many lamps as you want (well I’m sure there is a practical limit somewhere) but they won’t all be on and casting light. If you create 8 lights, when you create the 9th one the very 1st one you created will switch off and cast no light.

Again…post your blend file.

As i said I checked everyone of them and i remember really well that i checked the first one :expressionless: .Another question - how do i post my blend i dont have my own web page,maybe i could send it to someone,but then you will have to wait,because my connection runns damn slow today(dont know why).

you could upload it on the blender sources server?..

Where is the Blender sources server.Cant find it :expressionless: !

Damn!Hush,you were right,i am mistakening.I remembered that i started making lamps from the middle(did it in both my tests) ant the light from other lamps was reaching the area of the middle lamps and i didnt see it(whats with me today :-? ?)It figures out that in 2.34 there is max of 160 lamps in a scene(every eight in different layers does work , doesnt it)

Maybe there is a possibility that in newer blender versions this problem will be solved(if it is possible at all :frowning: )Sorry to bother you with this :frowning: .

Yep, Blender is limited to 8 lights per layer. I think it was designed that way because there’s always a guarantee of 8 lights in OpenGL.

I know my card supports 16 OpenGL lights, but when I make 16 spotlights and start the game, only the last 8 of them work.

Even if Blender did support more lights though, you should stick to the 8 light limit, or your game will look crappy on some graphics cards.

Set all the lamps a very different color. then show us a screen.