Just a quick question...

I’m working on a short film, (I’m taking it slow, don’t panic.) and I need a GI method.

What would you suggest? I need good speed, not necessarily realistic, but only using one light if you know what I mean. For instance, in one scene a character points a flashlight at another character, and Mr.Flashlight needs to be subtley (but visibly) illuminated by the light bouncing off of Mr.SpotLightHog. Also, sunlight coming into a room, bouncing. (Time lapse of window of sun moving across living room floor.)

Needs to be studio friendly, like not having to script something just to render an animation. Must be direct export at most. Also no royalties/patents for use.

Any suggestions?

Because you can use an HDRI for GI (One light solution- let the HDR handle GI) which will render much faster currently than the internal. Also because for something like a flashlight- it will do really well with light emmitance objects which also is not native yet.

Thats my 2 cents…

Blender Internal AO in Approximate mode. You can use the Error setting to control render speed. Set it higher for faster renders set it lower (like 0.1) for your final render. If you are actually working in Blender 2.5 you get the added benefit of this AAO mode treating emit materials as actual lights.

I have experienced un resolvable errors/crashes on windows using the Yafaray mesh light. And while the Yafaray community is sympathetic there is still no solution to the constant crashing I get using the external render system. So if you are an all Linux group, maybe Yafaray could work for you. But on Windows with meshlights, be prepared that you may encounter problems.

Atom- I didn’t even test the emitters in 2.5 yet! SO going to do that now!! In that case- yeah thats right… Blender Internal- Does the AO in approximate support HDR now also? If so definitely- if not Yafaray still might be faster for raytracing HDR- but thats awesome…

Welp, I’m on linux. Yafray definitely has the needed quality, but it’s probably two slow. (However, I just downgraded my linux and got my second core back :evilgrin: )

@Atom: Just a question. How is the bounce light in 2.5 AAO treating you? Does that work well? Is it worth it?

@Atom. Ambient occlusion will not give me light bouncing off of a character. The two characters are the only lit items in the scene, only light is the flashlight. I need simple bounce light off of Mr.SpotLightHog. What will let me accomplish this?