Just a random image :)

Here goes:

High rez: http://speedmodeling.org/smcfiles/tcrazy_doftest.jpg
Here’s the blend: dofagain.blend (167 KB)
Please tell me what you think.

Extremly well done. Just cant belive its BI. I was like 100% sure it was renderd in yafray.

Dof quality can be a bit better as it looks a bit digital now but ill give it 5 stars

Whoa, realism 5 *

Thanks guys, Glad to see at least someone likes my stuff. Seems like I never get any replies.

At first I thought, “why would anybody bother to take a picture of three cylinders like that? It must be some strange form of art.”

Then I realized that you made it. Excellent work.

Thanks man.

Very realistic! I like it!

That’s nicely done. Done with nodes? Good work. :smiley:

just did the scene and threw in some DoF with nodes.

Really professional piece. Even it is label just as a test.

could you post your .blend file, or maybe a screencap of your lighting setup? it looks cool, worth a study.

Yeah no problem. No idea why this is getting so much attention, but I have no problems with it…I updated the first post with a .blend

So simple so cool.

You actually get a better result with the "preview " turned off. (and the approximate aao/ osa 8 made it render slightly faster )

used that and some slight color tinting (didn’t want to spend too long on it)

yeah, I did something like this and posted an animation / blend file
(see here)
seems like people like blend files to these types of things (I got 8 times as many views on vimeo )

or just blend files in general.

cool that you were able to make this with so little stuff … you could do sooo much more with this :smiley:


Blend Files do tend to up views, Nice render, interesting texture btw. And I could do more but I probably won’t I was bored sitting in the Speed Modeling IRC channel so made this in like 5 minutes.

Good test man! Simple and nice, I’d only darken a little the left side of the image.

This looks very cool in a minimalistic way. I like it a lot, also thanks for releasing the .blend file.

no problem, thanks for all your comments guys. :slight_smile:

Super realistic 5*. if you just showed me the picture I would say it was a photograph.

Thanks, that was my goal :wink: