Just a random scene

First project completed single handedly, after 2 weeks of learning blender, I’m still a beginner…


Looks dope bro, what YouTube channels dud you watch to make it?

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Oh thanks, I watched the very famous doughnut tutorial, while still learning basic stuff, but I made this scene by my self

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Did you use cycles or eevee?

I used cycles, as I don’t know how to install eevee yet or even how to use it

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I think Ducky3D has some tutorials on Eevee, if you need help let me know, I’m still new and suck at blender, but I’m subscribed to loads of YouTube channels and I just put them in folders like games, music and anime.

Then in those folders I put sub folders like krita, unreal engine, davinci resolve, cakewalk and blender, then I just put the channels that will probably teach me a lot in there.

If you ever need help, I might not know the answer but I’m willing to help.

Thanks so much for the info, will definitely get to you if I need help, I used to be bad at trying to use blender, YouTube videos help me a lot, they should work for you too…

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Eevee doesn’t need installing, there are just a few things to bear in mind compared to rendering in cycles :slight_smile:

Hi, Well I still have a lot to learn about cycles and then maybe the difference between them both, I’d be glad if you could point me to an eevee tutorial video

Maybe this one should cover most things: