Just a reminder to all about Game Engine particles

I’m just reminding everyone on the progress with Game Engine particles.
It started of as part of the thesis work for enjalot (http://enja.org), since then it has become the project of Andrew Young; http://andrewfsu.blogspot.co.uk/

Why the Description says “Loading a Mesh from a .OBJ” ?, that is already working i think…

It’s a video relating to the fluid sim. I beleive i have posted the wrong video! Forgive me…

Improved rendering of rigid-bodies.

What exactly does this mean?

I have added configurable point source gravity for interesting effects.

Can you change it in realtime? :o

How much help will this be, in layman’s terms, if he does all of this?

Hey, this is really cool. What practical purposes will it have for gameplay I wonder? I can imagine scenes with realtime lava…

It will be very helpful. It has a fluid simulation of sorts - imagine the effect with metaballs and colliding particles. Essentially taking x-emitter and providing a native application. But, it is very useful (XEmitter), which i congratulate