Just a request

Hey guys, could you take a few moments and ask for blessings on my eyes and ears? Even if you don’t pray please wish me well. It is hard to do graphics and music without these senses.


Thanx, pix

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What’s wrong with your eyes and ears?

Eating well and exercising will help out your body.

OK, so here is the gist of it. You see, I have a somewhat large black dog, a Labrador retriever. As you may guess, he is very hard to see in the dark. Well, a couple of days ago I got up in the middle of the night to go and use the toilet. I managed to trip over my dog and started to fall forward. Not being fully awake yet, I over corrected and fell backwards striking my head on my bed frame. I split my scalp open and had blood all over the place. I think that I received a mild concussion. Then over the course of the next few days my vision started to get fuzzy and my ears started to ring a bit louder than what is normal for me (I have tinnitus). My vision problem was probably compounded due to the fact that my latest prescription glasses had lost a screw in their frame and I had to resort to an earlier prescription until they were repaired. (This started to drive me crazy as I do depend a lot on my eyes.) Anyhow, my scalp has healed and the rather large bump in my skull has almost disappeared. My vision seems to be returning to normal and the ringing in my ears has diminished. So, I think that things are getting better.

I just thought that any extra help I could get I should get, Hence the reason for the request. There is really nothing a doctor could do except to tell me to take two of these and see me next week (been there, done that).

Thank you for your thoughts.

Cheers, pix

Well if Karma points are involved. . . . then yeah!

Have you considered getting a new something called iRenew, there was a commercial saying it’s supposed to improve your balance (possibly preventing such incidents in the future) just by wearing it on your arm and they’ll even refund you if your balance isn’t any better.

It might just be marketing but sometimes the products actually work.

Keep your faith up. Spiritual healing is just as important as actual physical medical attention.

Ahh yes, here is a +1 for you…


Thanx, pix

Thank you, you are quite correct. One problem that I have is trying to keep one’s faith up during these times what with all of the crap that is going on. I have not given up though… .

Thanx, pix


Darn, pix… sorry to hear about that.

Hope you make a full recovery- pretty quickly (and yes, prayer DOES help, at least in my experience)

Thanx Moonflower. I do believe that Prayer, Karma, Good thoughts DO make a difference. One problem that I see is that it can not be accomplished by just one person. That is one reason that I have asked for help. It is nice to have a community to ask for help, in so many ways… . It is nice to note that there are many such communities. Also, that is not any shame to ask for help when you need it. You just have to remember to pay it back when you can. There are no interest charges. Just do your best… .

You take care OK?

Cheers, pix

EDIT I got a night light, at least I should be able to see the silly dog now!