Just a simple missile

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wohoow, first to reply!
I especially like the flames! really cool!

no more crits!

Awfully fatter than most air to air’s I’ve seen. Pretty good job, keep up the good work.

I agree… very very fat. has more proportions of a bomb, I would think than a missile.
flames are good, but I think most missiles have “neater” flames than that, and bluish.
This is a fat messy angry missile! WATCH OUT!! AAAAHHHH!


nice. it looks its going to do a lot of damage (if it can catch up with an aircraft :stuck_out_tongue: ).

does it say Asram on the side?

I is thinking this is a clever change of Amram :wink:

Ref pic of an air to air missile:


OOOO Sidewinder AIM-9

WOW! I agree to Roy, great flames. Try to get the body look more rough. When a missile leaves its container the surface messes up a bit. I work as an illustrator at SAAB Bofors, Sweden and I have never seen such a beautiful missile!
“Beware! He´s cute, he´s dangerous, he´ll blow your brain into fragments”.

The wings look a little thick at the base, otherwise nice texturing and good fire effect.

Alright! Alright! So the weapon is a fat boy… and ASRAM isn’t a real term… and I’ve left one S out of missle on the texture (careless, but not spotted :wink: )…

Most of you seem to be scared though so if it ever came to National Service I could get a job in the propaganda dept. and avoid being cannon fodder! :smiley:

Yeah, it’s a little short and stubby, but those pix are killer. Especially the motion-blur on the oncoming missile and that huge spout of flame coming right at you. Effect and presentation have a lot to do with a great pix, and these definitely bring home the explosion.

A fat’n dirty Big Bang! Makes me think of the original Thunderbirds ships, check these out:






Aren’t they great (I guess I’m getting old…) :wink:

i love missile_3. looks awesome :d