Just a Simple Question


I have done a good amount of modelling and texturing in Blender, however, I am fairly new to rigging. I’m making a rig for a tutorial, however, I would like to add a constraint to some of the joints of the rig. The best way to explain what I need would be to compare it to the human arm … the shoulder it can rotate in any direction. This is how a newly imported bone functions by default. The human elbow, however, can only rotate back and forth, rather than in any direction. Is there a way to make a joint in a Blender rig do the same thing?

(E.G. When rigging a mouth, so that it can’t open sideways, or an elbow, so it can’t rotate like a shoulder.)


Add constraints to the bone (limit rotation constraint ?)

Or you can just lock transformations on specific axes of the bone by hitting the padlock icon beside those axes in the properties panel in pose mode. So for instance in this way you might have a bone that cannot be scaled or moved, but only rotated on its local x axis.

Thank you for the quick responses! K. Horseman’s suggestion worked perfectly. Now my models won’t have lopsided jaws :slight_smile: