just a thought

(stephen2002) #1

I can’t really tell the difference of colors between the “new posts” folder and the “no new posts” folder. Might want to change that.

(theeth) #2

New post -> red
no new post -> pale yellow

now, maybe you are color blind, but I really see a difference between those two.


(stephen2002) #3

red and pale yellow, yup that would do it. I have minor red-green colorblindess and general difficulty telling shades apart like that.

I would really help if they were blue and yellow or something like that.

(Timothy) #4

oh my,… well,… you can also tell by the little extra icon at the front of a post.

(stephen2002) #5

little extra icon? Uh. What little extra icon?

(Sprite) #6

There’s a tiny icon (shaped like a note) printed before the subject.