Just a tip for sharing large files with your team or custommer.

Well sometimes i read about people who want to work together, having lare files etc.
Or who need to export their results to some other parties, but the files are too large.

Torrentshare, http://www.bittorrent.com/sync
Is a nice tool for syncing data, there is no data limit, as its ‘all yours’, its free, its running without cloud servers. Syncing is a background process, and multiple people can share the torrent downloads, which is great for teams, each member simply just run the client.
It runs from your/their own PC, and if your not always online, just simply install a client on server too.

It works with your local folder and exchange keys, you can decide which folder to share.
You have the option to give the other party full access, or read only depending on the key you give.
Works on most operating systems, MS, Linux, Apple, and even android.

You can set it up in 3 minutes its pretty simple too.

Sounds pretty cool. Thanks for the heads up!

I’ll have to check it out.

Thanks for tip. System looks friendly. Tomorrow I will try speed.

Be aware that their license limits you to “personal non-commercial” use.

…and be aware that your ISP might notice P2P traffic and tag you as a ware peddler, with all the nasty consequences of the case.

They’ll do that for anything… I got flagged back in the day because the WoW updater uses torrents for downloads -_-

Cool another option.

I currently use AeroFS it does something similar and it’s free for up to 3 people https://www.aerofs.com/ but I’m sure it’s not using torrents.

thanks for posting:)

This would be a great help for Gooseberry wouldn’t it?