Just again a boring monster


I found the time again to modell something… It should be a children’s room, with toys (like the tree in background - it was originaly from one of my first blender project - I dont know yet If I use that on the final pic or not, I put it on the pic to just symbolise the toys…) and in the front a [sarcasm] real monster [/sarcasm]…

here you go

C&C welcome… :smiley:

A nice monster, but it should probably be placed in a less stiff pose.

As for the chidren;s room thing, check out the ever-growing toy lib at


for .blends you can append to your scene. Some are pretty basic, others
more refined, but they can all be used effectively to create a realistic
clutter typical of a kids room

I’m still cleaning the blends and documenting them, but there are definately more on the way


Nice monster. An old style wallpaper would look good I think.

his skin is weird… might be the mapping? looks like he’s made out of carpet or hammered stone.
toes are kinda small.
the rest is great! especially the face.