Just an Eerie landscape

Just an eerie landscape that will be in my next scene (see signature if interested)

I like the buildings in the background. The foreground just doesn’t do it for me. It seems to swirl to much and can’t really make out what I am looking at. Just my opinion.

I like it, especially the circular framing of building, though I don’t think it’s 100% “eerie.” One thing I notice is that the reddish light doesn’t seem to reflect on anything.

Nice work with the atmosphere. The framing is cool too.

I like the picture. Gives the impression of looking at the landscape as viewed in a crystal ball.

Only complaint I have on the right side the sky texture (or sparkly trees?) ends abruptly on a vertical plane that lines up directly with the column below it, making it look as though the image was cut off before reaching the outer frame of the picture.

Thanks for the comments all –
just an FYI – the circular framing is actually just a reverse vignette – overlay white corners instead of screen black corners