Just an Egg

This is a dino egg that I built in. It is part of a short film I’m making called “Eggs in a Basket”.

I’m attempting to start a group of open-source filmmakers in Portland Oregon. I’m calling the group “The Solo Projects”.The short is using Blender 3D. And I’m at the start of the dreaded raise funding stage! :smiley:


You can check out a video at:



I couldn’t find any video on that page.

Click on the egg on the right side of the page. I think that’s the video he’s talking about, anyway…

I’m quite a bit skeptic. You sure have the polish on the webpage down to a T. But it’s still under construction, and all you have for the preview is a bunch of floating words, and an egg. I’m not saying it’s possible, I just doubt it can be done by the spring of '09.

cool Dino-egg !
sounds good, Good luck with your Projects!

Excellent! I’ll be most interested in viewing the short when you are done!

I love this forum. I had no idea I would see this much of a response. I just posted this this morning.

So I’ll answer a couple of questions. Yes the links on the right side of the “The Solo Projects” page lead to the two projects we have started.

Yes the site is very much under construction. ( I am a horrible Web Page Guy ) And I didn’t even have a blog until 3 weeks ago.

Yes we will finish on time. I used to teach animation and Maya at :
[B]Academy of Art University

And yes the video is definitely a teaser. We are still in the Pre-Production stage and I wanted to set a visual tone and let people know we are starting up, Without commiting to final character designs yet.

Any artists that are interested in working on future projects please hit the " Contact" button and send us an email. ( Please put "Artist Submission " in the subject of your email )

A great artist named Clair just join this morning.

But most of all I just wanted to try Open-source filmmaking. I truly believe that it is the best way for artist to control their own fate and tell the stories they always wanted to tell. After watching the entire music industry change over the last ten years, I believe that films are following the same path.

Thank you for your interest and will try to post new art and videos as fast as possible.

Sorry if I am the worst typist in the world.

It sounds like Gollum at the end… “Mine! Mine! Mine!”

Yeah , well I used my own voice at the last minute. I don’t think I be winning any awards for my acting.:o

zbrush is open source?

Good luck with the eggs!
BTW why is the text in your webpage in images and not in real text? isn’t it hard to edit and modify later?