Just an okay tree scene

This is my first finished dedicated project with cycles, and it’s like my second time using a texture. I was mostly learning about materials and particle systems when I modeled this. I made the grass mostly following this tutorial and I made the leaves with basically the same technique. I didn’t pay as much attention to clumping though. I’m not experienced at all with nodes, and wood seems very complicated to make with nodes and stuff, so I just added a simple texture I found on google images, and I added a displacement node (I think/hope). It doesn’t look to great, but it’s all I could achieve (I’m rather nooby). Any crits or suggestions are welcome.

I made a quick video as well.

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CG as with anything else needs practice and more practice and more practice, you get the drift.

as for your scene, put a background texture in and get the greens to the correct colour in software like gimp, krita or paint.net. they are all free if you do not know about them.

looking forward to your update


Sorry I’ve never done any “post processing” I think it’s called, and I have a question. Why not just edit the green material right in blender to improve it?