Just another ArchViz

Hi, guys! It’s my first post here, so I’m kinda abashed, not only because I’m still pretty new to blender (just 1 year of practise…) but also because English isn’t my mother tongue and I’m worried I could be misunderstood :slight_smile: But okay, let’s go. It’s my first “serious” archviz project, which kinda looks like completed, but I still have some things to go, and I hope you will help me with this… how to make it more… believable? I already see this repeating texture on beams, I’m gonna work on it, and also I will add a beach ball in the pool, something inside house and also a few shrubs by the wall… but I think that something is off, I think it’s about composition and lightning, but I don’t know how to fix it yet :frowning: Do you have any tips for me? :slight_smile:


Update: I dimmed off lights, added furniture inside the building (I’m going to make also a nigh time render, so interiors will be exposed) and tiles in the pool, but I think I’ll remove them for the final render because I want to focus viewer’s attention on the house, not the pool :slight_smile: Also I think that a beach ball won’t be necessary… Just few more touches (like chimneys, because somehow I lost them :D) and everything will be ready for final render :slight_smile:


Looking nice so far. I´m about to do some architecture myself for my game, and I get inspired especially by “modern” style houses like this. Keep it up! :slight_smile: Are you using sapling for tress?

^Thank you. For this trees I used sapling, but I think it’s not good enough for trees’ close-ups. Next time I’'ll try different technique.