Just another day on the road

Hello Everyone,

I just finished this. It started out as another cabinet for my furniture collection, and turned into a scene.

C&C welcome.

Pic is low res.


Modelling is very nice, except that bottle looks strange.

The lighting could be better too (it looks kinda grainy and generally unrealistic). If you’re not using Yafray, I suggest switching to that. Then, I think it will be a great picture.

I like the car in the mirror.

good job

This is one other extremely photorealistic picture. You guys keep getting better and better every day. It is hard to keep on track with you.

There are only a couple of things which come to my mind:

  • The patterns on the wallpaper looks to regular. It is for the educated eye too obvious a mathematical texture. Same with the wooden floor planks.
  • I don’t have an atmospheric felling, no feeling of a special mood. Somehow this still looks to clean, too stiff. I can’t classify this picture.
  • The dark spaces beetween the floor planks look to clean. In many renders that I have seen the contrast is too high.

Besides from this it is photorealistic.



Hello Everyone,

Thanks for the C&C. The bottle is indeed a little different. It is a bottle of Jack Daniels Single Barrel, and it has a short squat profile.

Actually, the floor is from a photograph, it just doesn’t show well in reduced res.

I am going to try to render it in Yafray and Indigo as well.

Thanks again!