Just another dragon


I should have made the wing material a little transparent, but now is too late for that:)

and a larger one


cool :o

I like it… but you should have made the wings transparent!!

The model is too dark, given the setting. Consider a flood light below the dragon to simulate light reflected off the clouds. Nontheless, it is an impressive model.

I rendering a lighter, whiter :slight_smile: version as I write.


The angle
The pose - I found a “bad deformation” near the arm/wing area, and them I fixed, but the movements are a little more limited, but not much.
I liked the new color better
I made the clouds less dense.
And I added a “finger”… “bone” or whatever on the middle of each wing.

Just a few more minutes and I’ll post.




Two things:

The ‘claw’ at the end of each ‘finger’ bone in the wing looks like a tent pole…not a claw.

The way the neck joins the body in that 2nd render, the dragon would suffocate itself when it lowered its head below its chest…looks unnatural.

Hope this helps,