Just another "dumb" thread

Yeah, CD this one is for you…


whats the OS?

Interesting philosophical thread. Raises more questions than answers.

Pixelmass - did you know that you are the chosen one ? And as such, threads like this is expected of such one.

OSX, i’m afraid… :frowning:

We don’t get that comic on our paper, but it sure looks interesting.

I wonder what would happen if the universe file got corrupted?

Hmmm, I dunno, I am too “dumb” to figure that out. Besides, who wants all of that bother?

Another “dumb” person here. I suggest deleting system 32, and then asking Ton to fix it. Might make life a little easier, correct?

Ok. Alden you are the chosen one . . . since pixelmass ignored my post on this chosen thread. Yep - you are onto the path of great things and only you can create a synergy by uniting ummm … . boats and something. So there.

Trust me here, I was not ignoring anyone… I just got distracted by a silly lizard in my swimming pool. Strange that, he did not have his skin on… Poor chap, might have caught a bit of a chill…

Had to dash on over and get my pics…

pixelmass has a swimming pool??

Hot damn. I want one too.