Just another head

htt:As the subject said, just a another head. Badly UV-mapped, but first time I was able to make goodlooking hair. :smiley:
Also the modelíng turned out pretty decent. So without longer chitchat, here is the head. And the ear is ment to be that way. :stuck_out_tongue:


So, comments anyone? I’ll try to make somekind of background, but we’l see. It’s not like I don’t have any other projects… :wink:

wow, well, i dont know what yer goal wass but she looks like a freaky schoolteacher to me =x. hair looks good, only u should use bigger strokes.

She looks pretty good, but you need to make her more ugly… give her more skin color… too pale, and give her rinkles, anyway, REALLy coOL heAD

More ugly? Why? Well, I could do that. I’m not yet certain in which way I am gonna take that face. Tough I’ve made a version which has different skin tone.

Well, anyhow, well see where this goes.

The ears need remodelling, they are oval :o

The ears are as I have ment them to be. :stuck_out_tongue: