Just Another House

Can any1 give me their opinion with what i have so far. I haven’t used any reference images, so proportions, style etc might be off. Any suggestions improving the image appreciated. My aim for this ‘project’ is to have the inside and out of the house done and have the camera do a fly through, inside and out.


That is done so neatly!

Wow, nice house. About the windows though. The intersecting wood… things are overlapping causing them to be darker at the point where they meet. You could fix this by making one of them slightly thinner or thicker than the other. Does that make any sense?

Small Update
Is it too ‘Neat’?
Is that a bad thing or something?
The top of the Gazibo look funny?
I didn’t see the over lapping faces in the windows TV Crash. Thnx. Ill fix em up.




Addded few small things. Did a door. Thats it, im off to bed. :slight_smile:


Can i get some C&C please.


Geez, the responces have been overwhelming. Great C&C.
Note the hint of sarcasm in the first two sentences.

From looking at it, atleast for myself, I feel like I am looking at a finished model. Simply amazing. As a question for you, how much research and planning was put into this before you started? I find that the more I put into planning the better the model goes.

To be frank with u, i was on the toilet, reading a magazine and saw a picture of a country style house. I said to myself, mmm, i think i could model something like that. So i had a go. I was happy with the start so i kept going with it. Just doing what i thought looked good at the time. But yes i know, this way is wrong. Don’t listen to me, cause im still new too. You should plan and research as much as possible beforehand so u have a clear picture of what its going to look like. As this wasn’t a serious image that was going to get me a promotion or anything, i just had fun with it.

Great minds think a like then I guess. :wink: