Just Another Lightsaber

double sided lightsaber hilt

and with the beams

i was meant to be modelling the hilt for an axe for a school assignment but got carried away, lightsabers are much more cooler.

hmm just noticed the beams are a little too short.

nice :slight_smile: i like it

It is well made, but if it really is going to be a lightsaber then you should add the buttons that turn the saber on, and stuff.

but maybe you would like this glow(selfmade)?:

yeah that glow looks alot better. care to share your .blend or an explanation on how you did it? ive spent ages trying to get the glow right but mine always looks so off.

as for the buttons…hmm i never even noticed them in the movies, thought they had some kind of telepathic connection with their sword…

if you need to see the button here:
thought it might be useful… :stuck_out_tongue:


That lightsaber tutorial by me should help with the blade alot.

The final Result I posted on there is really lame compared to some others though.

Heres a newer blade with the same technique, just changed some blade lengths and settings adjusted.


Render looks like 2D… i could paint that in PS, or even MS Paint. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol ms paint, you’d be doing it for hours =)