Just another (my first) ROBOT

Here’s my first robot. It’s not finished yet, the hands still have to be done and I am still struggeling to find a nice Rig. What do you think?


Looking good

nice but turn down the spec a bit

Here is an update, the hands still have to be done, the rig is slightly better - I struggle to make the feet in a way that they align easyly with the ground…

Redertime was 25 min for this pic… a bit too long for an animation… with mblur… :-?


That looks nice, especially the green innards :wink:

I like it. No crits.

At least it is complete, yet not finished. Maybe 1359701 Vertices are too much… Rendering an animation will be hard.

Any tips to fix that?


You could try the Decimator Tool, but probably would be better to do it by hand and go in and remove any superfilous verticies, which is a pain in the but with 1.35m of them. Lesson learned for your next model. :wink:

Is that 1.35m real, or after subsurface render? Just out of curiosity.

no it’s the count with subsurf, given in the render window. I dont know how to count the vertices of the model itself.

Is there any quick method to turn off subsurf for all objects?

The head was a metaball converted to a mesh, thats probably the bad guy…


Ve:993348 | Fa:1002848 | Ob: 115-0 | La: 1

That bar shows you your info, next to the blender version number.

wow nice. :o i tried to make a robot once, but it looked like a pile of crappy cubes. any chance of a .blend file? I have no crits on anything, except one:


The .blend file has 13 Mb… so posting is a bit difficult.

here is a cool pose…


man this is just fantastic, materials really fit and look convincing, some of the shaders are really great, its all looking consistant =D

just off the record, he reminds me of a mini-greivous hehe love it.

Nothing to crit! is he getting rigged for pose or animation? Can’t wait to see more!


Great work, man. 8)

Love that final pose. lol.

the rig is for animation, but it will be some work, and the rendertime… :-?

Maybe you want to have a look at the armature:


most bones are named in german though…

here is an update with an energyfield for the legs. what do you think? is it with or without better?


That’s really, really nice. Are those all precedural textures?

the blend file doesn’t seem to work… it just gives me text.

Hm, the file works, if I download it. You have to use the latest CVS though, or at least the 2.4 alpha…